Rachel's Bridal Portraits | Redcliffe Plantation Bridals | Aiken Wedding Photographer

If you are on the fence about doing bridals, Rachel's bridal session at Redcliffe Plantation will definitely make you want to do one too! We had such a good time twirling on the porch to get some fun photos, and so many options for her to choose from to display at her and Kenn's reception! I always love a bridal session too because it gives a relaxed hour dedicated just for taking photos of the dress and details, and another chance to wear it! Who doesn't love that?! A few of my favorites from our shoot below!

The Reserve at Woodside Plantation
Woodside Plantation wedding Aiken
The Willcox Aiken
Redcliffe Plantation bridals
The Partridge Inn wedding
Houndslake Country Club Aiken
New Bridge Polo Club Aiken
Aiken SC wedding photographer
Augusta GA wedding photographer
Augusta GA bridal session
Hopelands Gardens bridal session
Aiken SC bridal session
Redcliffe Plantation photographer
Hopelands Gardens photographer
Redcliffe Plantation bridals