Nautical Bridal Shower | Engaged | Celebrating the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. May

So this past weekend my dear friend Kacy and I threw a bridal shower for our other dear friend, Megan! You may remember her surprise proposal! We have all been best friends for ten years, a decade y'all! That's crazy, and a blessing. I'm really starting to notice how time flies like that. Anyways, before I get too emotional (we'll save that for the wedding lol), Kacy and I went with a nautical theme since Megan's colors fit perfectly with it, and nautical stuff happens to be one of my favorite things! (along with pirates and jcrew) Here are a few of the highlights from the shower! Megan loves coffee, so I made some Starbucks inspired cupcakes, and if you're a coffee lover you must try them, you can find the recipe here. SO. GOOD.

Megan we cannot wait for your wedding, and this season of life for you! It's almost here!

Nautical ShowerCatch of the day: Goldfish

Athens GA wedding photographer Athens GA photographerMy new favorite cupcakes!!! Starbucks cupcakesAnd for any non-coffee lovers (weirdos) another favorite, a red velvet sprinkle cake! Red Velvet Cake Nautical Bridal Shower Bridal Shower Nautical bridal shower Bridal shower Watkinsville Ga wedding photographer Bridal shower ideas Nautical Shower Nautical ShowerWe played two really fun games, one answering questions to see who knew the bride the best, and the other was questions she had to answer that Colby already had answered and see if the answers matched! (and for the record she got almost every single one right! even word for word!) 5T5A5259 5T5A5263 5T5A5268 5T5A5270 5T5A5271A few of the pictures of her opening gifts!5T5A5274 5T5A5276 5T5A5288 5T5A5293 5T5A5296 5T5A5299Megan's mom and sister! 5T5A5302Colby was so sweet and stopped by at the very end of the shower!5T5A5315 5T5A5317 Athens Ga engagement photography 5T5A5323 5T5A5324 5T5A5325 5T5A5326 5T5A53275T5A5368 5T5A5331 5T5A53505T5A53555T5A5357 5T5A5362