Amanda and Rob | Surprise Proposal | Madison GA Wedding Photographer

Where to even start? Amanda is a girl after my own heart, she loves all things creative and wedding related just like me!  You can find her post about the proposal here. I was ecstatic when Rob emailed me about capturing their proposal. I LOVE when I see that in my inbox, makes my heart so happy! We started planning immediately and before we knew it the day was here. You can see from the pictures how beautiful this proposal was, Rob did an amazing job. I could barely contain my excitement when her sweet friend Ashley Ann drove up in the golf cart! Congratulations Amanda and Rob, so excited for you!

And with all my proposals, I ask the bride and groom when they knew..

Amanda's reply,

So on June 14, 2013, I knew I was going to marry Rob. The boy has been my best friend for almost 7 years now. We have been through things that have taken us to rock bottom, but the love that Rob has shown me at my worst is the love that I knew I wanted forever. Marriage has always scared me since my parents had a very difficult divorce, so my image of marriage was tainted. As June 14th played out, I knew what the rest of the day entailed, so I prayed in little instances throughout the day that led up to the moment. As I arrived at the spot where Rob was going to propose, the amount of peace I felt was surreal. The timing was on point and I knew that God had a hand in that day. As I stood with a blindfold on, I wasn't nervous, my heart wasn't racing, I wasn't having doubts. As the blindfold was taken off and Rob stood in front of me, I knew as the emotional welled up in me that this guy was who I wanted to develop a life with. The peace I felt, the tears that came to someone who doesn't cry often. God had finally torn down the walls around my heart and I was ready for this step, and Rob was the person I wanted it to be with.

Rob's reply,

It sounds so cliche, but the first time I saw Amanda at a recreational game in Watkinsville, I was blown away. We hung on at Amici not too long afterwards and she was just so different from every girl. I went from being an awkward teenager to being comfortable while being with her. Going out of my way to do stuff with or for her took little thought because it was all I cared to do and that is something that hasn't changed over these 7 years. Our beginning was so unique, our journey has been like no other, and our path going forward will make others envious because of the girl I fell in love with seven years ago.

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