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I met Paul, one of Nathaniel's friends, a few years ago in Dahlonega while visiting Nathaniel one weekend at the University of North Georgia. A few years later I met his sweet Hannah and I just knew they had to end up together. So happy to call you our friends, for your marriage, and thank you Paul for asking me to capture this for you! That night Hannah thought she was going on a double date with Nathaniel and I, to dinner and see The Great Gatsby (which my husband can't stop quoting now ;) ) We told her I wanted to get a few pictures beforehand at the Athens Welcome Center since we would be dressed up.



Little did she know we were all there to capture a beautiful moment!

 I asked Hannah and Paul to both write in a few sentences when they knew they were meant for each other.  They both sent them to me separately and will both see each other's responses on the blog today!

Hannah's response,

"I knew early on in our relationship that Paul was the one. I fell in love with Paul by our second date, and I just remember how safe I felt with him, and being with him felt so right. Paul was very funny, and had the cutest smile I had ever seen. I remember looking at his Facebook pictures before we met on our first date, and thought, ”Gosh, he looks so serious”, but ever since our first date, we have had such a good time together, are always laughing and can talk about anything. I knew Paul was the one, from what all his friends and family told me about him when I first met them. They all said Paul was willing to do anything for anyone, and that is so true. I have never met a more caring person in my entire life, and because of that I cannot wait to be Mrs. Paul Johnston :) "

Paul's response,

“I knew Hannah was the one for me after our first kiss. I was so nervous and I knew that the way I felt about her then was special because no one had ever made me so happy. I knew then that we were going to get married one day.”

And now the proposal...

Athens proposal

Athens Welcome CenterAthens engagement photography_MG_8170_MG_8172_MG_8178_MG_8180_MG_8186_MG_8195_MG_8200_MG_8207_MG_8222Much love to you both,